We already have extensive experience in the installation and commissioning of automation. We have proven ourselves in such specialized areas as: refrigeration, construction of individual production stations, machines as well as entire production lines.

Our installations work in such places like: 


  • assembly line and switch tester for Vectra Delphi Gdańsk,
  • assembly line and window lifter tester for Intier Prague,
  • transporter system for Merloni Indesit Polska S.A. ,
  • transporter system in Zakłady Papiernicze Krapkowice,
  • warehouse transport systems for INTERCARS,
  • warehouse transport systems for FOTA,
  • cold room in Pożóg/Lublin,
  • transporter system for Hochland,
  • production line in ENSTO Straszyn,
  • carton transport line in warehouse for INTERCARS Warszawa,
  • Ford switch production line for Delphi Gdańsk,
  • dairy Onken w Makowie Maz.,
  • icerink in Elbląg,
  • production line for Porta Bolszewo,
  • vegetable and fruit processing plants Lannen in Tolkmick,
  • brewery in Chociwel,
  • nitrogen plants in Anwil Wrocławek,
  • poultry factories Indykpol Olsztyn,
  • poultry factories Ekodrob Iława,
  • windshield transport line,
  • Ford seat production line,
  • automatic I-beam welding line 12m/14ton Novosybirsk.