PLC controllers programming

We program controllers such as: Festo, Siemens, National Instruments, Allen Bradley, Omron, GE Fanuc, Wago. We offer a comprehensive replacement of existing controllers with new ones. We advise on the selection of appropriate equipment. We always recommend controllers equipped with network connectors, to our clients, to enable future expansion or connection with other systems. Without increasing costs, you can make the PLC controller, at the same time, to be a webserver that will send e-mails in the factory network or the Internet. It is also possible to send a short text message, to the production manager, at any status different from the standard on the production line or call the service from home in the event of a failure.


Process visualization

To visualize processes, we usually use programs like:

  •  Win Cc Siemens
  •  LabView National Instruments
  •  Factory Suite by Wonderware (InTouch, InBatch, InTrack, InSQL)
  •  Win VIP by FESTO
  •  C++ Builder



We carry out projects of:

  •  power lines,
  •  AKPiA,
  •  control cabinets I MCC,
  • cable routes and cabling projects.A good design ensures that the installation will be carried out solidly, in accordance with regulations, and any minor subsequent changes to the installation can be made quickly without calling expensive service. We always provide full documentation for each of our installations. We create it in the latest versions of the SEE Expert program.


Electrical Installations

Electrical design, control cabinets based on components such as:
Moeller, Legrand, Rittal, Sarel, Telemechanique, Schneider, Weidmuller, Siemens, GE Fanuc, MCC switchgears, cable routes.


Vision systems

We are authorized integrators of vision devices for inspecting manufactured elements, checking their correctness and quality, reading codes, determining the color and condition of products, and many other vision tasks.

Our systems allow you to control the presence and position of details, their assembly, as well as the recognition of simple objects and counting. The edges of the elements can be detected, their size, shape or color controlled. Verification may also include reading markings, prints, reading ASCII characters, checking label positions, or other types of packaging inspection.

Barcode reading, including two-dimensional ones, is also an important application. These systems also enable complex measurements of characteristic parts of the examined objects.

Vision systems help companies reduce the amount of defective products and work again – which ultimately saves time and money – by controlling products throughout the entire production process, and not just afterwards.

Industries ranging from pharmaceutical to automotive to electronic rely on Cognex vision systems that ensure that end products delivered to customers meet the highest standards.

Cognex’s offer includes: simple, efficient Checker vision sensors, small and fast In-Sight Micro series vision systems and 5000-series In-Sight systems resistant to harsh operating conditions.

We also offer DataMan code readers that recognize 1D and 2D barcodes – also applied directly to the material (DPM – Direct Part Marking).